Fibre Business

In 2012, Bangladesh became the largest producer of Jute and Jute allied fibres (JAF = Jute, Kenaf & Mesta).

Most of the fibres are used to produce yarns and fabrics (e.g. sacks, carpet backing cloth/CBC, etc.).

Additionally, speciality paper are made from JAF.

Nowadays, non wovens, used for production of press molded parts are made of JAF, especially "Kenaf".

Such are used for interior components of cars (e.g. door inlay, trunk trim). They are standard parts in many famous international brands like BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford and Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, etc.

We provide several types of long  fibres and chopped fibres for non-woven applications. All fulfill  requirements which are typical for industrialized production processes.

Standard grading definitions typically consider requirements of yarn production processes. But the number of applications has risen.

That's why common quality rating sometimes consider properties, which are not always mandatory (e.g. color). We develop properties profiles according to specific requirements of production processes and offer you selected fibres from the wide range of raw fibres:


- long Jute fibres for paper industry

- chopped Jute fibres for non wovens


- long Kenaf fibres for paper industry

- chopped Kenaf fibres for non wovens

We are pleased to supply fibres according to your specific requirements. Please contact us!